The Manager’s Special

The hotel industry has a wide array of great people that you choose to work with and serve as valued customers. The below correspondence is a valued customer that was impressed by the hotel offerings and overall capacity. This is one of many examples of why we love to serve others…..

 “I checked out our brand new downtown Asheville Hotel Indigo yesterday, got the manager’s tour, and was dazzled

  I recommend a single king and will request one high up with a view.  The rooms are gorgeous, wonderful, beautiful, well designed and beautifully lit.

  It really is a lovely and commodious place, nicest hotel in town by far, and perhaps nicest I’ve ever seen (tho’ I’ve seen less of the hotel world than you have).  Indigo offers great location, 2 mi. from campus (and I will be your chauffeur — chaufferesse?).  It offers close walkability if you want to get out a little on your own and see a bit of funky, artistic, youthful, energized downtown, bookstores and cafes just a block away.  

  Inside, the Indigo offers gorgeous furnishings, captivating art, huge picture windows, WiFi in every room, flatscreen TVs, huge bathrooms with finest fixtures and some sort of exotic European full body shower I didn’t want to ask too much about, seemed a bit Euro and I was embarrassed not to know!  Even the hallways and decor en route to rooms were bright, artistic, wonderful.

  Full-service restaurant, bistro/bar/wine cellar, gluten-free meals are no problemo.  You will be pampered, served, and soothed.  And you will be able to see from your windows just a bit of what is so breathtaking about our mountain wonder.” “

.  Best of all, it is brand new — literally the most recent construction downtown, and lovely to behold — so every pillow, sheet, and cushion offers the promise and cushiness of having accommodated few if any previous occupants!  (I was so tempted to sit on the bed when Jared showed me the room, but I fear I would never have arisen again…)”

Hotel Indigo Asheville – Win A Free Night!

Hotel Lobby 
 Win A Free Room Opening Day – Nov. 9th
A few lucky folks will win a FREE night on Monday November 9th at the Hotel Indigo Asheville.   It is simple. 
Come stay with us on our opening night at a special rate of $79.  That’s $100 off our regular rate.  All those that stay with us on Monday will get their names thrown into a hat.  For every 25 rooms occupied, 1 lucky person will not have a bill when they check out.
100 rooms rented…..4 free rooms!  Where can you find odds like these.  Come stay with us!
Call 828-239-0239 for details.

Hotel Indigo Logo

New downtown Asheville Hotel Indigo opening the week of November 3rd.

Logo added to the hotel exterior on Monday, October 12th.

Logo added to the hotel exterior on Monday, October 12th.

2009 Official Asheville Visitor’s Guide

US Airways Ad!

check it out!

check it out!

Asheville Hotel Indigo video

Opening November 3, 2009

These are the amazing views from the condos on top of  Hotel Indigo!

New Construction Images Added

Progress is coming smoothly. We took these great shots yesterday. We’ll be open in October!

Photo Gallery

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